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Visit movie locations

Movie locations, i.e. places of production of specific movie scenes, are new tourist attractions. See through the eyes of artists unusual places in the PL-SK region.

Explore the film heritage

From the beginnings of cinematography until today, hundreds of various film productions have been made in our region. We have gathered information about the most important ones in the film heritage of the Polish-Slovak borderland.

Enter the film trail

Travel the trail of movie heroes. Reach the action and production locations of your favorite movies and series. Experience their atmosphere. Explore objects immortalized in films located in the Polish-Slovak border region.

Get inspired

Learn about interesting legends, regional inspirations and cultural curiosities related to film locations. We have collected them in one database, which can be an inspiration for future film and TV productions.


About the Project

GreenFilmTourism is an initiative to promote and sustainable development of the Polish-Slovak border area’s film heritage


All design publications in one place. Reach for knowledge pills about the potential of tourism and the film heritage of the Polish-Slovak borderland.


Development of environmentally friendly film production? Yes, it is possible! Find out about the recommended pro-ecological solutions for future film productions.

Project partners

The project partnership consists of six institutions from three Polish regions and three Slovak regions supported by local organizations and enthusiasts.




GreenFilmTourism on the Border

GreenFilmTourism on the Border

We cordially invite you to the 27th Cinema on the Border Film Festival from 29.04. to 3.05.2022 in Cieszyn.

Premiere of The Green Guide for the Audiovisual Industry

Premiere of The Green Guide for the Audiovisual Industry

Today is the word premiere of Polish version of THE GREEN GUIDE FOR THE AUDIOVISUAL INDUSTRY for the film and TV industry including a set of practical tips and recommendations that will help in planning and then implementing solutions neutralizing the impact of audiovisual production on the environment

GreenFilmTourism - mid-term evaluation of the project in Bielsko-Biała

GreenFilmTourism - mid-term evaluation of the project in Bielsko-Biała

A mid-term review of the project implementation took place on 15.02.2022 in Bielsko-Biała at the headquarters of ARR S.A.

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