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28.02.2023 | Joint cross-border evaluation system


28.02.2023 | Joint cross-border evaluation system. 

The aim of the joint cross-border evaluation system is to monitor the level of implementation of sustainable practices by audiovisual productions and to verify the status of green measures taken in the designated market area. The system complements the discussion on a new type of production culture in which sustainability is integrated into decision-making and market practice. The three basic elements of sustainability are ecological sustainability, economic sustainability and social and cultural sustainability. 

The system is dedicated to all types of audiovisual production, regardless of format. It consists of a survey and a report with recommendations, both of which certify environmental sustainability for film projects. Consequently, the network of actors involved will be given the opportunity to work in a coordinated way to implement sustainable production strategies and tools. 

Ultimately, sustainable production is a process that is planned, implemented in a controlled manner and ultimately reported on. The information generated by the system, obtained during the aforementioned planning, implementation and reporting stages, will allow for an integrated analysis of the current situation in the audiovisual market. It is particularly important to examine the real impact of production on the environment in order to create a better environment for the future. 

The common evaluation system has been based on solutions commonly found on European markets (e.g. the GreenFilm system, Albert, Green Motion) and with reference to the Green Guide for the audiovisual industry. Data and experience gathered by other countries shows that energy consumption, mobility, catering, materials and waste have the greatest environmental impact. This is also the breakdown adopted in the questionnaire and the report - tools for tracing the most relevant objectives, goals and realised actions of sustainable film production. Proper communication is also a very important element on the way to ecological implementation of the project, and this is reflected in the system.  

The biggest challenge accompanying the creation of the evaluation system is the fact that production conditions vary enormously, led by budgets and timeframes. Each film project is unique. Consequently, the assumptions made are only a starting point for estimating environmental impact, and sustainable measures should always be designed according to the individual production case by case and taking into account its specific characteristics.

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