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GreenFilmTourism at the Opening of the Podkarpackie Film Trail in the Bieszczady Mountains


You are cordially invited to the opening of the Podkarpackie Film Trail in the Bieszczady Mountains on 24-30 July 2022.

Since the 1950s, filmmakers have been falling in love with the Bieszczady Mountains. Productions such as Jerzy Hoffman's "Pan Wolodyjowski", Jerzy Janicki's "Wolna sobota" or the first eastern - Wadim Berestowski's "Rancho Texas" - were made in the wilderness. The Bieszczady Mountains have become a cult location. Filmmakers took a special liking to this place and it remains so to this day. Today, the most Bieszczady production is the internationally popular HBO series "Wataha".

During the film event you will be able to meet us, among others:

  • 24 July at KINO Końkret - Zatwarnica
    The #GreenFilmTourism section, i.e. meetings with film experts and film projects:
    - 17:15 - meeting with Grażyna Bochenek - "Bieszczady film paths".
    - 18:00 - meeting with Maciej Gil - "Mountains, vampires and Oscars - a film trail on the other side of the border"
    - 18:45 - screening of the film "Wolna sobota", dir. by Leszek Staroń, 1977
  • 24 - 26 July Zatwarnica, 27 - 28 July Bieszczady Forest Railway - Majdan Cisna
    Zone #GreenFilmTourism for small and big:
    - presentation of the cross-border film trail Poland-Slovakia
    - animations for children
    - competitions and quizzes
    - relaxation zone

See you on the trail!
Details on the event website: 


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