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Country: Poland

Region: Silesia

Source: Rynek w Cieszynie, fot.SuperGlob,CC BY-SA 4.0,Wikimedia Commons

Lokacja główna

Description of the place

The name Cieszyn probably comes from the name Cieszymir or Ciechosław. According to the story of Cieszyn, it was founded in 810 by the legendary princes Bolko, Leszko and Cieszko. The is proof that from the 8th to the 11th century in Podobora, near Cieszyn, there was a Slavic castle town called Stary Cieszyn. Cieszyn received city rights around 1220, so it is one of the oldest cities in Poland. In 1920, the state border divided Cieszyn, the historic capital of Cieszyn Silesia, into two parts: Polish with the Old Town and Český Těšín with the left-bank suburbs and the main station at the Košice–Bohumín Railway.

A place in the movie

The wooden and brick arcade buildings in Cieszyn, where a mixture of many architectural styles can be found, from Baroque and Classicist styles, through Renaissance to Art Nouveau, is an interesting place for historical film productions. The main promenade, which is located in the Old Town of Cieszyn, surrounded by tenement houses, leading from Góra Zamkowa to the Market Square, used to be the most important trade route in the city. Today, it is an interesting place for filmmakers.

Cieszyn Source: Rynek w Cieszynie, fot.SuperGlob,CC BY-SA 4.0,Wikimedia Commons


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