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Demänovská Valley

Country: Slovakia

Region: Žilina Region

Source: Demänovská Dolina, Slovakia 2005, Fan, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Lokacja główna

Description of the place

Demänovská Valley is the most famous and most beautiful valley of the Low Tatras. It covers an area of 15 km. It is divided into two parts, upper and lower. The upper part is formed by peaks such as Chopok, Poľana and the highest peak Ďumbier - 2043 m above sea level. In the lower canyon-shaped part, there is the famous Demänovská Ice Cave and the Demänovská Cave of Freedom. In 1964, the Demänovská Dolina settlement was established here. Thanks to the famous caves, the tourism industry is developing here. 

A place in the movie

The tourist attractions of the Demänovská Valley make it a popular filming location, especially among Czech and Slovak filmmakers. We recognize the landscapes of the independent commune, including the districts of Tri Studničky, Jaskyne, Repiská, Lúčky and Jasná, in many films. The exterior and interior shots of the Tri Studničky hotel complex were used in the film "Mąż na godziny" and in the film "Wszystko albo nic". Beautiful, untamed nature and, most of all, the charming atmosphere in the Happy End bar and restaurant attracted the cinematographers of the film "Kobieta na szczycie". Thanks to the natural beauty of this region, Juraj Jakubisko chose the Demänovská Valley to shoot the films "Do widzenia w piekle, przyjaciele" and "Pani Zima". The film "Leć, ptaku, leć" was also shot here.

Demänovská Valley Source: Demänovská Dolina, Slovakia 2005, Fan, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons


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