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Country: Poland

Region: Podkarpacie

Source: Rynek w Jarosławiu, fot. Krystian Cieślik, CC BY-SA 3.0 PL, Wikimedia Commons

Lokacja główna

Description of the place

Jarosław is a town picturesquely situated on the San River, on the border of two geographical regions: The Lower San River Valley and the Rzeszów Foothills.  Jarosław is a typical borderland and multicultural city. East and West have clashed here since the earliest times. The city flourished most in the 16th and 17th centuries. The fairs held here were among the largest in the country, and even in Europe. The wealth of the city is visible in the beautifully preserved and restored tenement houses and churches of several denominations. A type of tenement house became known, closely related to its commercial function, as the so-called Jarosław tenement house - adapted to commercial needs, and modelled on the houses typical of the Orient, known as fondouk.

A place in the movie

Beautiful tenement houses, picturesque Market Square, atmospheric streets and soaring towers of the churches are the background for both historical and contemporary films. Scenes for the series "1920.Wojna i miłość" (1920. War And Love), and the films "Ether", "Katyń" and "Najlepsze na świecie" (The Best In The World) were shot here.

Jarosław Source: Rynek w Jarosławiu, fot. Krystian Cieślik, CC BY-SA 3.0 PL, Wikimedia Commons


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Poland Podkarpacie

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