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Country: Poland

Region: Podkarpacie

Source: wikipedia

Lokacja główna

Description of the place

Komańcza is a village located in the Podkarpackie Province, in the valley of the Osławica River and the Barbarka Stream, between the Bieszczady Mountains and the Low Beskids. Surrounded by forested peaks, Komancza is located close to the enchanting Duszatyn lakes. 
The location of Komańcza by the Zagórz - Łupków railway line makes many tourists begin their adventure with the Bieszczady Mountains here. The town is known as the fourth and last place of internment of the Polish Primate Stefan Wyszyński in the 1950s. At that time, he was in the Convent of the Sisters of Nazareth.
Since 1995, at the beginning of August, Komancza-Medzilaborce Cross-Border Meetings of Poland and Slovakia have been held in Komańcza. The festival is accompanied by performances of folk and pop groups from Poland and Slovakia. As part of the meetings, sports and fire competitions are organized with the participation of local units of Volunteer Fire Brigades located both on the Polish and Slovak sides.


A place in the movie

Roads in the vicinity of Komańcza, winding between forested peaks, were used to film scenes in which the protagonists are driving and admiring the beautiful views emerging from behind the bends. The scenes for the films “Bandyta” (Bandit) and "Wesele" (The Wedding) from 2004 were shot in the vicinity of Komańcza and Rzepedź (car parade of wedding guests' cars).
Komańcza is known as the place of the internment of Primate Wyszyński. Makers of the film „Jako w niebie, tak i w Komańczy” (As In Heaven, So In Komańcza) shot scenes in places where the priest actually stayed.


Komańcza Source: wikipedia


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