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Country: Slovakia

Region: Žilina Region

Source: Zázrivá, Kysucka vrchovina, Slovakia, fot. Jerzy Opioła, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons

Lokacja główna

Description of the place

A village in the district of Dolný Kubín is located on the border of three geographical regions: Mala Fatra, Kysucká Vrchovina and Orava Magura.  The village consists of eleven valleys, and the centre of the area where the village itself is located is called Zázrivska Brázda. In the past, the town was known for its pastoral traditions, beekeeping and the production of shingles, cloth and fur.  Here we can find traditional "Korbáčik" cheeses and many interesting buildings of folk architecture, bell towers and crosses, an old church, a shepherd's hut, a historic street, the entrance to the big Rozsutec. 

A place in the movie

The films "Siedmiu zaklętych braci", "Tysiącletnia pszczoła" and "Pani Zima" were filmed in the vicinity of Zázrivá to show the enchanting nature of Orava and its 11 valleys: Biela, Plešivá, Dolina, Ráztoky, Grúne, Petrová, Demkovská, Havrania, Kozínska, Končita and Ústredie. The authors of the film "Żelary" bought a wooden house in Zázriva, which they dismantled and transported to Prague, where they rebuilt it, and then filmed scenes in it to reflect the folk traditions and customs of the region as faithfully as possible. The traditional architecture characteristic of the village of Zázrivá can be seen in the images showing the buildings of the village from the outside.

Zazriva Source: Zázrivá, Kysucka vrchovina, Slovakia, fot. Jerzy Opioła, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons


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