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Country: Poland

Region: Lesser Poland

Lokacja główna

Description of the place

A village in the Chrzanów county. In its area, there are the ruins of the Lipowiec Castle, whose history dates back to the Middle Ages. Today, the castle is part of the Museum - Vistula Ethnographic Park in Wygiełzów. The open-air museum is located at the foot of Góra Zamkowa. On the area of 5.3 ha, there are 25 valuable monuments of wooden construction enriched with small architecture. Farmsteads are picturesquely surrounded by orchards and flower gardens. In addition, it is possible to visit the church with its bell tower, and see objects related to rural crafts, the small-town complex and other examples of Vistula village architecture.

A place in the movie

The area is used in films because of the ruins of the castle and the open-air museum. It is suitable as an outdoor setting for historical films. We see the walls of the Lipowiec fortress together with the surrounding forest, among others, in the scene when the messengers of Kyiv prince Vsevolod arrive at the castle in the film Bolesław Śmiały. The open-air museum, on the other hand, is the scenery of the locals’ escape to the east after the German invasion of Poland in the film Karol - człowiek, który został papieżem.

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