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Country: Slovakia

Region: Presov Region

Source: RPIC Prešov

Lokacja główna

Description of the place

The town of Bardejov is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Slovakia. It is famous for its beautiful historical square, which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List in 2000. The Town Hall Square with its magnificent Gothic town houses, the Basilica Minor of St. Egidius - a Gothic three-nave basilica built on the site of a former Cistercian monastery complex with a set of eleven late Gothic winged altars, the former Town Hall - the first Renaissance building in Slovakia and other monuments are among the most important historical sites in Bardejov.

A place in the movie

Thanks to its historical appearance, the ancient town of Bardejov has been attracting the attention of filmmakers for a long time. Vladimír Bahna placed the scenes of the film "Hidden Spring" here. The scene in the film where Vavrinec runs down the hill past the castle walls was filmed in Bardejov, but in reality the walls were only a backdrop in the square. Štefan Uher filmed here a dramatic story from the wartime Slovak Republic "Organ". A series of documentary films "In the footsteps of Master Pavel" was also filmed here, where the work "The Crucifixion Group" from his oeuvre is housed in the Šariš Museum. The award-winning film "Loli Paradička" was filmed in the streets of Bardejov, for example near the fountain, the scenes in the hostel were filmed in the Sport Hotel. 

Bardejov Source: RPIC Prešov

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