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Kvacianska Valley

Country: Slovakia

Region: Žilina Region

Source: Kvačianska dolina, Cnbc, CC0, Wikimedia Commons

Lokacja główna

Description of the place

Kvačianska Valley is located in the eastern part of the Choč Mountains. The valley offers space for hiking in a picturesque mountain setting. The Kvačianka River flows through it, along which hiking trails lead to the cottage and Veľké Borové. At the confluence of three streams, in the Oblazy region, there are two mills with water wheels. One of them is operational and works. There is an exhibition of milling techniques and a sawmill.

A place in the movie

The Kvačianska Valley, especially the part with the Oblazy water mills, has become a popular film location. The view of the Lower Mill appears from different perspectives in almost every film made in the Kvačianska Valley.  In the movie "Żywy bicz" we can see this historical place, which together with the chapel, added only for the film, increases the historical value of the film. In the film "Janosik. Prawdziwa historia" photos of the interior of the Upper Mill were used to show the way of life and cultural customs in the region.  In the film "Sen Jaska", the director focused on panoramic shots of the beautiful surroundings, made from the bridge by the mill. In the film "Żelary", the protagonist bathes in a stream near the mill. Also the film "Mikola i Mikolko" was shot in this area.

Kvacianska Valley Source: Kvačianska dolina, Cnbc, CC0, Wikimedia Commons


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